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is this game even getting updated anymore??

Can I suggest adding rockruff or litten? There isn't much of anything with these pokemon on the internet.


100% Litten

Wishing all of you the best. This is an incredible game, thanks for all you've done.

So happy to have found such a great game!

Thank you so much!

I hope they update the discord link to get the updates about their situation more easy

I recommend you add these pokemons to the game: Umbreon,Vaporeon,hatterene,gardevoir,lopunny,meowscarada and blaziken

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

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it is just a black screen help


Guys, as of recently the devloper started working on it again

discord image:


bruh im so hyped and glad that hes doing alright now aswell

I really hope this game gets many updates to come, there are so many posible things to add (mainly more Pokémon) but I truly enjoy this game and I see so much potential in it. PawPunch can take as much time as needed for updates, I’ll be here waiting patiently.

Its very sad to see a promising game die like this. I mean no offense to PawPunch, if they are going through some shit or smth I understand, but still...I really like this little game.

Not Deead. They Working On It Again, according to their discord

That's some of the best news I've heard in a long while. Thanks.

when is 2.0 going to be out without bugs?Or will this game keep being updated in general

Hmm i think it would be FANTASTIC to get more Pokemon possibly a storage system so you can choose which 6 are in your campsite at that time 💓

Feels like they have left this project. which is pretty sad considering i enjoyed this game, or maybe they are very slow with updates.

They have stated on their discord that they are gonna start working on it again.

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Ok so for anyone wondering i Checked every dev twitter account and it seems that theyre still active which means that theyre probably still working on the game but are very occupied (or just gave up on the Project) one thing that tells that one of the devs is still occupied is one of Lemon's post on twitter which says "Just got promoted on job today" maybe theyre still working on the game or the Project was abandoned with no updates

Edit: The last update was on July 01 2022 which means that theyre probably (maybe still working on the game) if not thats sad it had a lot potential or maybe somebody can take the Project and complete it

as far as i know from the discord they scrapped it and the artist for the game retired




how do i get the vulpix's or braxin

I dont think its avalible yet

u need tge 2.0 beta update it should be somewhere here on the files and to get them its just random





dead dead dead


need more mons


does anyone else have a problem actually loading the browser game?


yes I do have troubles loading the browser game

Next update when?

my guess is either never or quite awhile


so sad the game is dead it had so much potential

i can only download the animations not the game

The actual game is the one running on the page of the browser.


This is my one of my favourite porn game of all time. Plz come back🙏

its dead man as far as i know the artist for the game even stopped drawing


something you should do is make it so the pokemon can get pregnant and give birth and also add some new pokemon or like a different area that you can go to unlock new pokemon like each area has its own pokemon please and thank you


How long has it been? 

My friend...


its been 2 years its dead


If this is going to get an update a good pokemon to add would be Absol


can you guys add more characters the game is fun i been waiting by playing the game and also i was rating for that to see new characters


I love this game, but after I get a mon to join the camp and have sex with them, the game starts lagging and then it crashes


i hope he is still working on the game because the concept of it and the scenes are so cool and i would love to play more of it. if he has time of off it i understand

Why is it taking so long to load? can you fix this?


la versión para móviles tiene muchos bugs y lag cuando ases el delicioso con los Pokémon


Please add Zoroark🙏🙏🙏. 


aren't you a clever one? I noticed a couple of the animations for the male and female characters are the same, its fine use the time efficiently


Would there be an option where you could be the bottom?


in future updates can you make it an apk for any mobile device and also make it to where you can impregnate and have the Pokemon/mon have your young/egg or whatever you could put in the code

There is one on "Development log"  V2.0.0 

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