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im not able to load  :/


can you add more mons my requests are:


Eevee and it evolutions 

And ninetales

But if not its still an amazing game

now those are good ideas


Great game i can't wait for the new content


Will there be an option to have female trainer animations?

agregen a gardevoar hombre  mujer osa gardevoar con pene

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Add all pokemon


Dosnt load for me


When are the disabled scenes going to be added back in? Just curious.

In the next version. It should be available in a couple weeks, but no current release date as of yet.

well i got it to work on my  iphone i dubble taped my home butten and went to youtube (app) with a video that was paused hit play then after 1sc i whent back to the game (needs to be during a scene) and then hit one of the buttens that increase the speed of the activity and waited then it played dont know why but it worked i also fliped my screen so that might have help. on ios safari and same with fire fox so its somthing with game or ios


Como guardo los datos?

No se puede bro, tal vez en la siguiente actualización ya que van a hacer que el juego sea descargable.

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here is what pokemon i hope get added 

eevee and its evolutions 








the shield and sword dogos (zamazenta is zacians brother and zacians is his sister its says it in the english pokedex)















































zyguard dog form






if you do decide to add all of these (i doubt) i will be amazed 

i was gonna ask for sogaleo lugia and requaza  but they are massive.

maybe shinys can appear to 

and i just noticed how long this is......... not demanding this just hoping also this dose not work on mobile at all. again im hoping not demanding or begging 


The devs are more on bug fixing right now. Later they will add more mons and stuff. Plus the game came out a couple weeks ago. Give it some time.

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That is a pretty good list. Hopefully we see some from the list make it in.

it doesnt seem to want to load for me, sometimes itl go to 20% then stop, sometimes it will be around 40% but it never fully loads

same  here

For me it stops anywhere between 20 and 90 

can you just continu to add more pokmeon every update plz

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the game doesnt load through the installer or through chrome browser

any idea?

probs should add that im on windows 7

Not sure...
Might be a version thing for Chrome, I would advise trying a different browser (Edge maybe). We're working on resolving these kinds of issues in the meantime, stay put!

i gave edge a go bit a similar issue is this a unity or html5 game as i might be having issues with the engine itsel

And maybe add Umbreon too


My friend said add furret so 

But 10/10 game


I wish there was a save mechanic for this game or im just stupid and can't find it


Nope, you're not stupid ;)
We omitted saving for now since it proved troublesome for some browsers, we'll be adding saving features in the upcoming downloadable version.

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ok. Thanks for letting me know I hope a save feature is added in the future 

Also I can't get rid of mons on mobile browser or pc browser 


How i download the Game ?

Right now we only have this web version, so it can't be downloaded.
We are working on a downloadable version though, so keep an eye out for when that drops.

I downloaded it and it won't load.

it does the same thing to me


Theres this bug that whenever I get the "make out" button my screen just goes black and the farthest that I've got in the game when it starts to have sex but my screen just went black 😡😡😡😡

This might be a browser related issue, I'd advise trying a different browser and / or device if you have one. Firefox is definitely troublesome and we're working on resolving issues like this!

Fantastic game, can't wait to see where this could go



Omg This game is exactly what i love about pokemon! So inspiring <


Obstagoon 100% needs to be in this

Will you have brionne and meowstic female in the game?

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A very well made game, and for being so early in development, very good. One thing I would like to see is upon you uh "finishing up" the mon does as well. In my opinion, this would make those scenes more attractive, but overall great content so far!


the game is unstable on Mobile it crashes when you do too many actions at the same time and Idk if there is any way to save your game. But aside from that I love the game!


i can confirm this happens and also on pc

;_; we will have to wait until a new and more stable version comes out...


if you could  would you please make dominant and submissive varients for the mons and the main character. i like to see the trainers get domed i guess.  realy lovely game too! keep up the amazing work!


Aight, I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have an adult tamogachi game and now this shows up. Who is paying you to spy on me?

Hahaha actually funny comment

Description says there are both male and female mons, howeever every single mon I get seems to be male, is the description wrong or am I just having really bad luck?

also, tutorial says there is a way to dismiss mons (in case I want to get the other gender of that mon) however the option does not appear for me


First use the bag mix thingo and all one type of ingredient, THEN fill all the spots with the one ingredient (including the top base slot). This should get you both kinds.

there are females i got some the some males its random but i think it need to be tweaked 

For the gender ratio, it's probably bad luck. There should be a 50/50 ratio for genders.
The dismiss option was one we forgot about when shipping the game, we'll implement it again soon!

REALLY nice game loved it and quick question are there only one scenes for each mon

Deleted 2 years ago

We've received this one a couple of times already and you're completely right, we'll be adding this feature in the next update!

Deleted 2 years ago

VERY nice game, I just wonder what the alter like place is going to be used for if its going to be used


Whenever I open the game, the loading scene never ends and I can't play the game.  How can I fix this?


Which browser do you use? With me, it didn't work with Firefox, but it worked with Chrome.


I'm on  Windows


Looks cute. I want to play, but it isn't working in my browser. Will you be offering the option to download it in the future?


It is in fact not working on Firefox. It is an issue they are aware of and are working on fixing it for the next version. A downloadable version is also in the work.


i really like the game! all i want is more pokemon and a continue button so you can well, continute where you left off! other than those things this game is REALLY  fun!!


I like the game a lot . It has a sort of relaxing vibe to it , which I like . It has great potential ! I hope to see more of this game in the future , and of course the team responsible for it deserve congratulations in making this game as well .


I really like the game, do you plan on adding any more 'mons'?

We will, but not that quickly. From here on it's mostly a hobby project, so content updates may be a bit inconsistent and infrequent. Keep an eye out for new updates!

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Hey for future updates could you make it to where the Pokemon can get pregnant by the main character/ the people playing  also if possible  could you update the page for people like me that play on mobile can download it. Also the pregnancy thing is just a suggestion 

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