• Most bugs have already been squashed, but this game launched today and may still have bugs in it! Let them know in the comments or on our Discord and we'll patch them ASAP.
  • Currently there's a saving / loading issue with the HTML version, so it's been disabled until that's resolved. We recommend getting one of the downloadable versions from the downloads section until then!

Pull out your cooking apron and kitchenware, 
it's time to cook and collect 'Mons!

Gather ingredients and cook up recipes to attract various 'Mons to your campsite.
Chat, interact and bond with your new friends to unlock new things to do with them.
See if you can get all of them to REALLY like you...

Presenting Pocket Campfire, a Tamagotchi-style experience with a handful of different 'Mons to collect and interact with! You play as a seasoned camper who loves to get to know the local 'Mons, making friends and exploring sexuality with them.

This game contains adult themes, graphic sexual interaction and 'Human x Creature' content. All characters depicted were conciously authored to be sapient, biologically adult and consenting fantasy beings of human-level intelligence, but viewer discretion is advised!




V2.0  [New!]

There's been a LOT of time between last update and this one and it's obvious a lot of stuff currently doesn't work properly. There's been a lot of issues and silence, but after the previous programmer's leave from the project we've been rebuilding!

A complete final update has been released, with the game having been rebuilt in a different engine from the ground up. You can expect the following:

New Content:

  • Completely rebuilt in GameMaker Studio 2 (downloadable game!)
  • 1 New 'Mon joined the roster!
  • Over 2000 new dialogue lines
  • New additional sprites and more elaborate 'Interact' sequences
  • New cooking items with more varying effects

Reworks & Features:

  • Completely new contextual dialogue system (based on e.g. affection, energy).
  • New contextual sprites (ties in with new dialogue system).
  • Cooking overhaul with more thought-out recipe crafting and additional items.
  • Audio re-do for all NSFW animations
  • Miscellaneous visual & experience polish


  • Turned NSFW animations into video (better file size & load times)
  • All game animations fixed (e.g. walking, berry dropping)
  • RNG improvements (pseudo-RNG measures to make things less grindy).
  • Rebalancing to improve the general experience
  • Various quality of life changes

We know it's long overdue, but we hope you'll love this final installment of Pocket Campfire!


We've released the first version of our game, woohoo!
There's still things we need to fix and implement, such as a few better gameplay animations and sound effects. Some things may still feel a little rough.

Here's a little summary of all the content you can find:

  • Interacting with 'Mons in your camp.
  • Cooking to attract new 'Mons and feed current ones.
  • Berry catch minigame to collect ingredients.
  • 3 different 'Mons to collect (each has male & female variants).
  • Animated NSFW scenes for each 'Mon.

We'll be implementing bugfixes and new 'Mons over time, but the main gameplay likely won't see too many changes. 

NOTE:  We have temporarily disabled a scene for one of the 'Mons. We're reworking it at the moment and will add it to the game soon!

Next to the web version we have now, we're planning to create a downloadable version soon, which will have save functionality.

We hope you'll enjoy the game!




Join our Discord for questions, updates or just socializing!

PawPunch Discord Server

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Release date Sep 08, 2020
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(1,224 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, PixiJS
Tags2D, Adult, camping, Erotic, Furry, Monsters, NSFW, Singleplayer, tamagotchi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksWebsite, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter


PocketCampfire v2.0 - Windows Installer 429 MB
PocketCampfire v2.0 - Windows Zip 415 MB
PocketCampfire v2.0 - Android 432 MB

Development log


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Maybe add the eeveelution certain starters like Charizard, Typhlosion Feraligatr, bayleef, Blaziken, Serperior, Sammurot, Greninja, Delphox, Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina, Meowscarada, and Quaquaval. Absol, Zeraora, Growlithe, Arcanine, houndour, houndoom, Ninetales, Rockruff, Lycanroc and maybe certain legendary and pseudo legendaries like dragonite and Suicune. As well as a morning, evening and night cycles. as well as when the character goes to bed and gained the pokemon's trust you get different sex scenes and finally a camp expansion everytime you gain a certain number of pokemon's trust. These are just some suggestions; you can do whatever you want it's your game. Also love your game, Keep up the good work.

pls I just wish they would add umbreon and jolteon 

Me gusta el juego , para que se ve el esfuerzo, si. Embargo hay un punto en cada partida en el que se torna negro la animación más esperada y pues le quita algo lo divertido

Game is great, the only thing I'd ask for other than more Mons is to let us nickname them once they reach max affinity

the game is no longer being developed sadly

so this dude released 2.0 then left again???

yes he said this is his last update


what a jew

where did they say this? I only see in their Discord that theyre having issues with the web version and may just stick to downloadables?


This game is amazing!

It might take some time to develop, but I'd love to see a sex scene with Incinerator, Urshifu, and Koraidon, or a scene where Pokemon rapes them on their behalf!

We support your activities!

I'm Japanese, and having a Japanese patch helps me masturbate.❤


the game is no longer being developed

pls add more pokemon 

i already found a duplication glitch

there is 3 versions of the game where can i download the older versions?

Every time i boot up the game the text is blacked out, i can't witness how good the game is T_T


I liked it. Do you plan to add more and other areas to explore, go to a cave, near the sea and some haunted buildings?  Will you add more monsters to the repertoire?

Haunted buildings? Let me guess.You are drawn to fucking with Pokemon ghosts


also dev can u and vaporeon and/or umbreon pls




Please add lopunny in future update 


The web version is awesome so far

Would like to see some additions to the altar and many more Pokemon (dibs on Growlithe/Arcanine and Machoke/Machamp)

Will you release MacOS compatible version soon?

(3 edits) (+1)

if you need here is Cheated (100%) save file

path to the file

replace the text in the file "savefile.sav" with the text below

{"ROOT":[[{"location x":261.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":249.0,"id":0.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":0.0,"species":1.0,"name":"Vulpix"},{"location x":525.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":209.0,"id":1.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":1.0,"species":5.0,"name":"Braixen"},{"location x":222.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":461.0,"id":2.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":0.0,"species":5.0,"name":"Braixen"},{"location x":739.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":384.0,"id":3.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":0.0,"species":4.0,"name":"Cinderace"},{"location x":314.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":238.0,"id":4.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":0.0,"species":3.0,"name":"Lucario"},{"location x":667.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":350.0,"id":5.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":0.0,"species":0.0,"name":"Nickit"},{"location x":232.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":296.0,"id":6.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":1.0,"species":0.0,"name":"Nickit"},{"location x":215.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":332.0,"id":7.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":1.0,"species":3.0,"name":"Lucario"},{"location x":209.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":366.0,"id":8.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":1.0,"species":1.0,"name":"Vulpix"},{"location x":783.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":389.0,"id":9.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":1.0,"species":6.0,"name":"Zoroark"},{"location x":400.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":262.0,"id":10.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":0.0,"species":6.0,"name":"Zoroark"},{"location x":357.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":212.0,"id":11.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":1.0,"species":4.0,"name":"Cinderace"},{"location x":581.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":441.0,"id":12.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":0.0,"species":2.0,"name":"Alolan Vulpix"},{"location x":690.0,"affection":100.0,"location y":406.0,"id":13.0,"arousal":100.0,"gender":1.0,"species":2.0,"name":"Alolan Vulpix"}],[{"count":99.0,"id":2.0},{"count":99.0,"id":3.0},{"count":99.0,"id":1.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":99.0,"id":6.0},{"count":99.0,"id":5.0},{"count":99.0,"id":4.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":99.0,"id":9.0},{"count":99.0,"id":11.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":99.0,"id":7.0},{"count":99.0,"id":8.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":99.0,"id":10.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":99.0,"id":12.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0},{"count":0.0,"id":0.0}]]} 


cant wait till all the art is finished, this update is really good



I hope this game will be updated, I know that's a bit too much to ask and it's been a month. I just hope there will be more content in the near future


Suggestion: Add legends like Latias or mew, maybe even mega evolution


Is there a way i can go full scree?


Great game, though I wish vaporeon or gardevoir were in there, and perhaps a recipe book, but over all amazing game

This game would break all of the games if it had mewtwo by a low chance.Also totally worth the time i spent on it.Keep up the good work! 💪💪💪


damn this game is good best pokemon sex game ever im glad I can have all male mon god if I had to rank all of them it would be

1.Fire Vulpix:what a little cutie and has a juicy booty hes easily my favorite of all of them I would love to huff his muskhole

2.Zoroark:This boy is packing some heat I wish we could bottom in this game because I want to worship that cock.

3:Nickit is pretty hot to hes got nice cake like vulpix I wish he could sit on my face.

4.Braixen:Hes so fucking cute and has well rounded features a big dick and a nice ass the total package.

5.Cinderance:I like his human cock and love his position its the best hes the first one I got and love him.

6.Lucario:Lucario has always been one of my favorites and hes pretty cute in this game to Cinderance barely beat him but I love all my boys.

Okay cringy rankings aside this game was amazing I would pay money for sky shaymin added and sylveon seriously👌

Not into female mons though no thank you to pussy.

(1 edit)

you should add more mons. also you should get rid of either vulpix or alolan vulpix its literally the same in everything just different sprite. and add a save system

Click on the back pack and then click on the notepad to save

doesnt work on web version

i love this game, it's possible in the future to have this on mac?

(1 edit) (-3)

I just got a female Cinderace and I figured that I'd share my findings for those who are having a hards time spawning her:

  • Main Ingredient: Chips
  • 4 Cherri Berries on the top row
  • Spleon Berry on each side of two more Cherri Berries on the bottom row

Honestly i wouldn't mind if you could be the bottom for the mons or even have like threesomes with the mons if you ever did decide to give this game another update cause honestly that sounds like it would be really fun to do. But that's just my own thoughts, I still really like the game


Seria legal se eles pudessem se reproduzir e botar ovos, também seria legal ter uma maneira de fazer sexo a três 

I just love the Zoroark

They have a really hot pose for both positions


Hola  una pregunta, por al intentar instalarlo me sale que mi teléfono no es una versión compatible?

Tiene muy buena pinta, ojalá y lo sigan actualizando me encantó 


are you able to play on mobile(hence “Pocket” Campfire) because It’s always like half cut off the screen

Pocket is from Pocket Monster ergo PokeMon


The game seems to be bugged for me, because even when I replicate the recipe from the tutorial perfectly, I still can't cook anything

Did you add the main ingredient and berries

(clicking on the x marks that spawn in camp will give you main ingredients)

I have such a silly idea.Change of seasons? Among other things, the idea is to turn on the winter landscape in the game in real winter and have winter Pokémon available at that time

Very good and fun game

Why is the browser version not working properly

Game is just blacking out sprites and glitching something fierce.

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