Pull out your cooking apron and kitchenware, 
it's time to cook and collect 'Mons!

Gather ingredients and cook up recipes to attract various 'Mons to your campsite.
Chat, interact and bond with your new friends to unlock new things to do with them.
See if you can get all of them to REALLY like you...

Presenting our first game, Pocket Campfire! This fan game is a Tamagotchi-style experience with different 'Mons to collect and interact with. 

Go check it out!






We've released the first version of our game, woohoo!
There's still things we need to fix and implement, such as a few better gameplay animations and sound effects. Some things may still feel a little rough.

Here's a little summary of all the content you can find:

  • Interacting with 'Mons in your camp.
  • Cooking to attract new 'Mons and feed current ones.
  • Berry catch minigame to collect ingredients.
  • 3 different 'Mons to collect (each has male & female variants).
  • Animated NSFW scenes for each 'Mon.

We'll be implementing bugfixes and new 'Mons over time, but the main gameplay likely won't see too many changes. 

NOTE:  We have temporarily disabled a scene for one of the 'Mons. We're reworking it at the moment and will add it to the game soon!

Next to the web version we have now, we're planning to create a downloadable version soon, which will have save functionality.

We hope you'll enjoy the game!




Nishi  -   Game Development  
Naika  -  Game Art   /   Audio

Interested in what we do and excited for new projects and updates?
Follow us on or social media or join our community discord!

Twitter:  Here 
PawPunch Discord: Here

Release date Sep 08, 2020
Made withAdobe Photoshop, PixiJS, Adobe After Effects, Clip Studio Paint
Tags2D, camping, Erotic, Furry, Lewd, NSFW, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksWebsite, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter


Pocket Campfire All Animations.zip 371 MB

Development log


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it appears to be having some issues loading.
it's been sitting on the loading screen at about 1/5 for approximately 4 hours
(i have been playing another game while i was waiting for it to load)

i would execute it manually but it looks like it's an html file with a javascript thingy ... my guess is that is the actual game.

im currently unaware of how i would execute this outside of a browser which opening it in firefox doesn't seem to yield very much.
i suspect i'd have to setup some kind of server to get the permissions correct maybe?

but i don't have the knowledge to execute that plan without potentially messing up my already running server.


Coño alguien me puede pasar un link para descargar el juego a Android

what month and day will the 2.0.0 update be released?


unknown as of yet, in the works

Actually if you look on their banner on Twitter it says December 24 2.0 release 


As I install the apk on android or someone has it to pass it through mediafire please 🙏🙏


PLS Make a Downloadable version


Will the Pokemon in V2.0.0 (FIX) ejaculate as well?

yo nice game but you need to change the discord link. The link is expired .


Just a question. 

Is there going to be any of the eeveelutions added to the game?


- straight to the point

- good concept

- good art



Will there be an apk?


There's already one of 2.0 it's buggy but I have it on my phone

Como lo juego en pc


How do I summon Braixen or Alolan?


Are you gonna make an android version?


There is already an android version


I think he mean the 2.0 V of pocket campfire


IT has one


Can you add anal animations to the female pokemon?


I really hope this game hasn't been abandoned it had a lot of promise.


I don't know what I'm doing here, but I guess I'm going to play / No se que chucha hago aqui mano , pero supongo que voy a jugar xD


be nice if there an indication of each mon gender in the over view

Ok sorry


I recommend adding Sylveon:)


Hey guys how to summon cindarace ????


main ingridient+  8 cheri berry


I recommend adding a mew

excellent game I hope you don't mind a certain "company" about this game 🤔(I hope not 😥)

I love Cinderace! So playing with him is always an amazing experience, fun game, thanks!


Nintendo ain't gonna like this one...


Hello, I would love to play this game but it makes it impossible because the bar barely loads 1 fifth and after that it does not move, it makes 3 hours that I wait and even by relaunching the tab the same problem occurs. I would like to know if there is a way to solve this problem or if we can play it elsewhere. Thank you and good day.


yeah this happens to me too dunno how to fix it itll probably be fixed in the 2.0.0 update.


Theres a bar?


hoping the game would expand even more to the point it becomes a donwloadable app


I wonder, do you guys think there might be something for female players in the future?


Does anyone know how to get the Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix? I've tried every combination I can think of, but can't get it. It's in the video files, so...


its in the 2.0 version of the game, click the link under the "development log" thing

Any tips on how to play on Android?


To everyone that does not follow/has not checked their Twitter, Pawpunch has stated that the final version of PC will be released in late september. 




Thanks for that, I refuse to touch Twitter lol. I wish Pawpunch would be more vocal here.


Does "the final version of PC" imply that there is another version that will get more updates?


Sorry by PC I meant Pocket Campfire so no, maybe some random dev in the future will continue with the idea.

update? :(


The finished final version will be out late september


I would very much like to have Zeraora or Zoroark



The mobile phone experiment board needs to be improved


1.The text speed needs to be adjusted  


2.Planting a tree country game requires an option to open on its own.


3.When the phone reverses the screen the game also flips as the screen flips.


4.Need to have relevant pokemon Menu guide.



ありがとう 。




Really nice game, looks promising


Nice game,I love that

hey I just wanted to let you guys know that I found a bug. When you rapid click/tap a option for some reason it refreshes the page and its blank and then you have to refresh the page a second time and you lose all your progress. It’s annoying and then thought I would let you know about it. Also I noticed this on my iPad and iPhone and I’m not sure but It might also happen on a computer but I’m not sure.


When working on the update or future updates (hopefully version 2 is out and fixed soon) can there be either a blowjob/eating out for the male/female Pokemon? It's hot to get sucked off by them but it'd also be hot if we could eat them out or suck them off as well. Just a suggestion I know you all are working hard just to give us this product

I can play on android?

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