• Most bugs have already been squashed, but this game launched today and may still have bugs in it! Let them know in the comments or on our Discord and we'll patch them ASAP.
  • Currently there's a saving / loading issue with the HTML version, so it's been disabled until that's resolved. We recommend getting one of the downloadable versions from the downloads section until then!

Pull out your cooking apron and kitchenware, 
it's time to cook and collect 'Mons!

Gather ingredients and cook up recipes to attract various 'Mons to your campsite.
Chat, interact and bond with your new friends to unlock new things to do with them.
See if you can get all of them to REALLY like you...

Presenting Pocket Campfire, a Tamagotchi-style experience with a handful of different 'Mons to collect and interact with! You play as a seasoned camper who loves to get to know the local 'Mons, making friends and exploring sexuality with them.

This game contains adult themes, graphic sexual interaction and 'Human x Creature' content. All characters depicted were conciously authored to be sapient, biologically adult and consenting fantasy beings of human-level intelligence, but viewer discretion is advised!




V2.0  [New!]

There's been a LOT of time between last update and this one and it's obvious a lot of stuff currently doesn't work properly. There's been a lot of issues and silence, but after the previous programmer's leave from the project we've been rebuilding!

A complete final update has been released, with the game having been rebuilt in a different engine from the ground up. You can expect the following:

New Content:

  • Completely rebuilt in GameMaker Studio 2 (downloadable game!)
  • 1 New 'Mon joined the roster!
  • Over 2000 new dialogue lines
  • New additional sprites and more elaborate 'Interact' sequences
  • New cooking items with more varying effects

Reworks & Features:

  • Completely new contextual dialogue system (based on e.g. affection, energy).
  • New contextual sprites (ties in with new dialogue system).
  • Cooking overhaul with more thought-out recipe crafting and additional items.
  • Audio re-do for all NSFW animations
  • Miscellaneous visual & experience polish


  • Turned NSFW animations into video (better file size & load times)
  • All game animations fixed (e.g. walking, berry dropping)
  • RNG improvements (pseudo-RNG measures to make things less grindy).
  • Rebalancing to improve the general experience
  • Various quality of life changes

We know it's long overdue, but we hope you'll love this final installment of Pocket Campfire!


We've released the first version of our game, woohoo!
There's still things we need to fix and implement, such as a few better gameplay animations and sound effects. Some things may still feel a little rough.

Here's a little summary of all the content you can find:

  • Interacting with 'Mons in your camp.
  • Cooking to attract new 'Mons and feed current ones.
  • Berry catch minigame to collect ingredients.
  • 3 different 'Mons to collect (each has male & female variants).
  • Animated NSFW scenes for each 'Mon.

We'll be implementing bugfixes and new 'Mons over time, but the main gameplay likely won't see too many changes. 

NOTE:  We have temporarily disabled a scene for one of the 'Mons. We're reworking it at the moment and will add it to the game soon!

Next to the web version we have now, we're planning to create a downloadable version soon, which will have save functionality.

We hope you'll enjoy the game!




Join our Discord for questions, updates or just socializing!

PawPunch Discord Server

Updated 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Release date Sep 08, 2020
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(1,167 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, PixiJS
Tags2D, Adult, camping, Erotic, Furry, Monsters, NSFW, Singleplayer, tamagotchi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksWebsite, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter


PocketCampfire v2.0 - Windows Installer 429 MB
PocketCampfire v2.0 - Windows Zip 415 MB
PocketCampfire v2.0 - Android 432 MB

Development log


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(1 edit)

i'm a slower reader, and can't read the timed texts.

can you remove the timer and have the text move on once you click? or you could add a setting for it.

also, way are the offline 'oral_5', 'sex_f_5' and 'sex_m_5' show in the game as a black sceen?

Do you know how to find Cindere?

just keep cooking. i have both sexs.


It would be neat to see a update that allows the main character to be female instead of male


Please don't stop


Truly amazing game, but please dont stop it here it really has a whole lot of potential, some ideas i've got is that after maxing out all your 'mons affectioon, you unlock a new area or add a currecy to the game and when you have enough you can buy this new area and here you have a whole bunch of new pokemons to meet, ofc you can switch back to your first camp to give them the love they're needing but it would be exciting getting some new faces in the game along with a new decor, Ik this would be a huge update but i think this would make this game the top 1 of pokemon porn games in the world no cap


Please don't make this the final update, this game has so much potential. We could definitely see more pokemon being added like lopunny, gardevoir, vaporeon, and lycanrock being added in the future and possibly a camp and berry collector overhaul to keep the game interesting. Yall devs definitely cooked with this game and im willing to see more.

Also +1 points for having a mobile port that runs decently on some devices

How about adding here all the Pokemons that would fit in this forest place? Surely a few hundred would be found.No,I'm serious.You could do something like a Pokemon box here


i downloaded, is there a full screen button?

Good ı tought the game was left to die. but you updated it. Thanks

How next Pokémon can you put Zeraora or Eevee? ~ and it would be nice skins or sexy clothes for our 'Mons


This game is amazing, and I appreciate what has been done already thoroughly. However, I have noticed that during sex scenes, they slow down over time, as in after I play a few, the next one has a noticable drop in framrate. I have also noticed that occasionally, the last frame from the previous animation will remain on screen for a second or so while starting up a new one. I am not entirely sure why either of these happen, but my best guess right now is that the previous .mp4 files (or whatever the animations are) are not closing, so you get a pileup of simultaneously loading porn videos. Definitely not conducive to a proper porn-watching environment. Of course, without actually delving too deep into it, I can't be 100% certain, but it's a guess. Finally, there is another glitch where sometimes the scene won't load, and it remains on a black screen while the sound plays in the background. This one I have no idea for, and I'm fairly certain it is not related to the previous two glitches. Either way, it's a bit annoying. Other than that though, double thumbs up, keep up the good work guys :3

I like things i have seen but eveytime i try start the tent scene I only see the buttons and hear the sounds while the screen stays black, and when it ends i get locked on a black screen. I'm on the windows version from the itch.io install 

What all Pokemon are in this game?

vulpix, alolan vulpix, lucario, braixen, nickit, cinderace, and zoroark

its really good however a sex list would be nice, beingable to check off which pokemon/gender you've had sex with, and also is there a pokemon limit? cant seem to get any more in the camp


It's a great game, I loved it, I know they're barely updating it after the author or one of the authors retired, but I would like them to add gardevoir and have different images in the male scenes than the female ones, and finally I would like it to be in Spanish, I know I am asking a lot for a game that was recently updated but I would love for you to add that, please 


As we are talking about players and male Pokemon...Adding a female equivalent of a player? And male Pokemon would also be able to prove themselves .It would be good such sex of male Pokemon with a girl




when I fullscreen the screen is stuck in the top left of my computer is this happening to just me or what?


Love the new update.

Honestly, the only thing that could make this better is if the male Pokémon could orgasm as well during sex, because it feels like they aren’t as satisfied as the player otherwise.

Did you guys not want to try animating fluids?



why cant i see lucario and cindaraces dexture they are just black squers

i really like this game, i hope more mons cum come in the future.


I'm not sure if he's a forest Pokemon but...Who thinks about adding Sylveon and other Eeeveevolution here? Leafeon would be perfect in this spot

just say you want vaporeon :3

Vaporeon...If there will be a doodled lake or something in the background then why not. But I'm talking about Pokémon that would fit into the forest, especially Leafeon as a plant Pokémon, Sylveon would also fit, as well as Espeon and Umbreon.

(1 edit) (+1)

suggestions for Pokemon to add (Ik this is supposed to be in galar from what it seems since you can encounter cinderace, plus the curry and tent, but it would be cool to see some meowscarada action) it would also be neat to see sneasler, and hisuian zoroark (especially since we have zoroark in the game already)

Deleted 9 days ago
(1 edit) (+1)

Click the bag button then on the side of the bag menu you click the top most button which is blue which is the save button

I have a small problem with running the game in the browser and that is that only half of the screen appears and does not load. Is it a bug or is my phone not compatible?  :(


Phones are just not compatable as of now im not the dev but i have played the game thoroughly so i know much about it

Phones are compatible but you need to be on android and download it via the apk format from the download tab

No because you can download it but when you open it you only see a corner of the screen


What berries i use to summon lucario both female and male

Oran x 4 + pecha x 2 + belue or the green berries x2 and ten for the main part use sweet potatoes since it increases encounter rate this dish also works for A-vulpix A=Alolan

Will there be a Spanish translation in the future?

(4 edits)

The web version is awesome so far

Would like to see the visual artworks of the mentioned "items", though (dildo, lube bottle, masturbator, etc.) And probably add some use to the altar and many more Pokemon (dibs on Growlithe/Arcanine)

Will you release MacOS compatible version soon?

(1 edit) (+1)

It would be nice to add more interactions, simple touches, animated (at least simple)




Although for me it says this

need more information about your phone.

Android a13

hmm yea alot of apk and older app are incompatible due to out of date API and a13 is Egregious with this, Try to either download an emulator that load with an older version of android.

The same thing is happening to me, do you have any emulators that you could recommend?

Very sick! Good to see you back!

so i've found that any mon you take to the tent causes this crash to happen, also yes i am managing to play it just fine on my steam deck


I will leave a couple of ideas that could be good, for now what they have done is very good

-Be able to choose if you are passive or dominant with the mon

-Add more ingredients to create curious effects (I don't have any in mind at the moment)

-The strange altar to the right of the stage catches my attention, maybe add something there later?

-More mons (Salazzle, houndoom, mightyena, Gardevoir, Serperior, Grovyle, etc, etc)

At the moment that's all I have in mind for ideas, I like the result they have created so far


It hurts my eyes to see that red background everywhere on this page, please do something about it...

(1 edit)

the new version is like 25x better then the old one


If there’s gonna be another update could you add Pokémon like ninetales, salazzle, houndoom, Lycanroc, Persian, growlithe and arcanine?


(2 edits) (+1)

I'm honestly disappointed with the fact that there won't be a v3 or at least from what I know


On mobile the game wont fit the screen.

The Braixen female oral scene is just a black screen and when I try to go back to it, the game just freezes.

Need a bug fix. After you press "cum" it's immeadetly shos black screen (i got also softlocked at braixen scene after that. There was only showed black screen and i can't do anything)

That and (atleast for me) when I'm cooking and dragging ingrediants the screen also goes black after a couple drags.


A question, how to save?

it normally would auto-save but they said on the website version of the game there is something wrong with the saving so they removed it temporarily until they fix the glitch


I'm very happy to see this game finished. You guys helped inspire me to make my fan game.

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