Pocket Campfire V.2.0.0 (Offline)

Hey all, First off all we want to once again apologize for the version with many bugs we released yesterday. It is not the experience we want to give to our users and we feel bad we couldn't make the expectations you guys had in mind. We decided to pull it from our itch for now. We will upload edited scenes soon! We'll work hard on a better working version but please give us some time to work it out ❤️

You can still download the "V2.0.0" experimental version with the following link but be aware it's not functioning properly:

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would love to see this updated, still some bugs, after you have sex with one they disappear and then calling one over that makes them disappear... i wonder why that happens?

another thing, sometimes after playing the catch game, they disappear until you find another one, pretty weird.


Como faço para transar com os mons

Já tentei de tudo e não consegui ainda tem uma ordem certa pra seguir?

mano,tu precisa de paciencia pq e dificil agora para fazer sexo com eles e so dar bastante comida e ficar insistindo ate os "Mons" ficarem no cio(espero ter ajudado)

Great game


after you download it how do you run it?


i downloaded the animations, but how do i install the actual game?

Does anyone have a working link to their discord

I try so many time with only cheri berries but female cinderace never come.  why female cinderace not appear ?

Version 32 bits for android no download the my movile please 32 bit


wait how do i install it? 


Nothing to apologize for, you people are doing an amazing work!
Sure v2 is still a little buggy, but I really like the new improvements and new Mons'. (BTW, did you remove Cinderace? Or is that I haven't been able to catch it in v2)
Hyped for the future of this and the rest of your projects !!!! :)


I've checked, and Cinderace is harder to catch, but still in the game. you still use the exact same berries, just now you canget both Cinderace and Braixen from them.

Wich combination you use?

It's Random, I still used mostly Cheri Berries, I think Its one of those randomized chances now. some will get you Braixen while other get you Cinderace

I find that you have an increased chance by using 4 Cheri, 2 Enigma, a Kelpsy and an Oran

If you're successful with downloading it, could you tell me if it's possible with a mac?

why offline ;-; i really liked the game

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I believe they are going to post it online in itchio when the bugs gets fixed. v2 has a lot of bugs so I think is better not to post it online yet, so they only distribute downloads for it.


Is this going to be for phone


Alguien sabe cómo instalarlo o que necesito por que no me deja


can someone upload it to mediafire cause i cant download i

Cool, Finally Is Here.


The apk version has bugs but no crashes that's better then some games i tried.

How do u get the apk on Android?

they had a download link for android but it has glitches so they took it down for now.

Can you please send me the apk?

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how do I send it.

It's fine. Take your time. I know the temptation to release for christmas is strong...


No worries! Gamedev is hard, but I'm confident you'll get all the kinks ironed out. Good luck!