Pocket Campfire V.2.0.0 (Offline)

Hey all, First off all we want to once again apologize for the version with many bugs we released yesterday. It is not the experience we want to give to our users and we feel bad we couldn't make the expectations you guys had in mind. We decided to pull it from our itch for now. We will upload edited scenes soon! We'll work hard on a better working version but please give us some time to work it out ❤️

You can still download the "V2.0.0" experimental version with the following link but be aware it's not functioning properly:

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anal animation doesn't fit female cinderace since i'm sure people want to look closer at it's boobs and yes it has boobs when female you wouldn't notice unless your like me and pay close attention to detail

I mean you can keep anal animation but pls add vaginal animation

My man, the last update was out about half a year ago, pretty sure project is dead

wait pocketcampfire apk need a file plus or no like file OBB

There are some issues please fix them cinderace ♂️ Android for Android it will always show ♂️

They needed to remove the female one and I dont know why

Deleted 80 days ago

Bud why reply to me

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Bc there's no rule against it and bc they don't need to remove the female one

Bro... Wrong place. You arealdy posted your comment. So no more of dis pls

ok srrry

Can't cook on Android

You can you need main ingredients and secondary ingredients it's just a little buggy it's best to use one of each ingredient you get them from the forest in the lower left


If the game gets another update a good Pokémon to add would be absol


plz don't abandom the game. WE LOVE IT! :)

pls don't forget this game pawpunch! I love it!


I would appreciate it if you guys take the bugs out of the game, there are some pokémon that you can't get...


is this game abandoned?


Will you see a new version of the game in the future? With other pokemon?

when i try sex them they wont show the scene

just a frozen picture

the sex scene canat show up i tried everything


Where can I download it on my phone?


Gran juego sigan así y mejorenlo


What is the best berry combination for female braixen

I am just stuck on it


For me I can't seem  do anything but petting the

It's still a great game though

In version V2.0.0 or animations will the pokemon ejaculate the same when the "trainer" do it?

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would love to see this updated, still some bugs, after you have sex with one they disappear and then calling one over that makes them disappear... i wonder why that happens?

another thing, sometimes after playing the catch game, they disappear until you find another one, pretty weird.


Como faço para transar com os mons

Já tentei de tudo e não consegui ainda tem uma ordem certa pra seguir?

mano,tu precisa de paciencia pq e dificil agora para fazer sexo com eles e so dar bastante comida e ficar insistindo ate os "Mons" ficarem no cio(espero ter ajudado)

Great game

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