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cant wait for more mons, but also perhaps give the exsiting pokes more animations/poses, i was kinda hoping for some more lucario actio


has the new update come yet 


how many pokemons r there

When is the second part going to come out?

I don't think there's going to be anymore updates, this game hasn't been touched since it came out in December of 2020...


Yes, there will be, bruh

Yes there will check the Twitter or discord links 


I can't seem to get anymore than just Nickit, Lucario, and Cinderace, and I can't seem to dismiss/get rid of 'Mons as shown in the images. 

Hopefully we can get a bit of braixen action. Maybe gendered mew too but not so hopeful on that

à quand un joueur féminin ?


I'd love to see Absol (female) in a future update.


when will u release v2.0 for browser here?


where is braxien


Yes because i have one


Is there braxien in here


Will there ever be an option to be a female player?


Anyone got a working link to their discord?

Go to their twitter and scroll down, you should be able to find it there

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already looked, their links are broken or old and dont work no more edit: they just posted a new link so ignore me lol

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how do i install it?

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Are you guys gonna add any other new pokemons or no?

es la primera ves que estoy por aqui . hay alguna manera de descargar el juego?

si solo dale en dowload campfire y ya

:V solo descarga unas animaciones y ya


i don't know why but the game wont load fully

Same here


Is there any way the update can come sooner? Also more for legged pokemon would be great.


Eu amo esse jogo, quem é fã de Pokémon também vai gostar eu recomendo


Needs to be a way to easily tell male and females apart in the camp, I've clicked on the wrong lucario 5 times in a row

Howdy. I've found this game and played it of Linux and Win10. Well, on Win it runs just fine, but on Linux all sex scenes are just black screens. BTW, is there going to be any save feature?

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PUEDES PONER Plataformas Pará de 32 bits de h 64 bits y para Android 32 bits y 64 bits Por Un DLC en patroin

I'm on my pc and the game is black screened, i t may be better if you let us download the game itself along side the animations or maybe its just a bug?

Whenever I get to a sex scene, the screen is completely black, save for the pleasure meter and the speed buttons. The music is playing, but there are no sound effects. The pleasure meter fills up and I can finish, after that I’m trapped. I’m using an iPhone (latest model), so that could be the reason. Or perhaps it’s a smartphone issue in general? I’m assuming version 2.0.0 will fix this? 

Yes, Version 2.0.0 will fix that. Version 2.0.0 is set to release December 24th 2021.

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Hello. Do you think there can be a downloadable version of the game for apple devices one day or not? Thought I would ask just to be on the safe side because you game looks so awesome. 

do you plan on adding more mods?


The game is cute and great. I think you should have a way to tell which mon is which gender by putting up some fore of ign over their head. Also please make it where you can excuse mons from the campsite.

i'm just curious is it just down to chance wehter you get male or female mons? or is there specific combinations?

Gender of the Pokémon is random and there is a chance that they add a option to get only 1 gender.

Will you increase the mons' sex scenes in the next update.

by one i ment mo

maybe  try adding one thats wants the player

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could you by chance add more small four legged 'Mons please or just more in general but you guys do what you want



don't know if your aware, but your 2.0 version has a fee bugs, vinishing pokemon, vanishing food, are the ones that i've found, both when trying to cook and forgetting the main ingredient, and after cooking when i go back in trying to do another cooking attemp


also could you add in an anal option for the females as well

that would be the best

who is the one mon that wes temp removed?



I am the imposter




hey can u make it downloadable


It should be if you check above with the V2 offline file downloader

Those are v2 animations, I'm pretty sure you can't download v1 anymore

already is

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The updates coming on the 24th of december 2021 chill

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