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please please add Sylveon and Vaporeon


This Game has Potential

I Hope it won't be abandoned

2 years later


The game is really very good, although as the creators say if some things are missing, but it has potential I will leave here what I think is missing for a better playing experience

1 more mons like gardevoir/gallade or male gardevoir, zeraora, hatterene, greninja, machoke, loppuny, foxark, Gothitelle, samurott, decidueye and some of the evelotions, Lilligant, Tsareena, Salazzle etc.

2 more actions such as licking their vagina / sucking their penis or letting them penetrate you in the case of males

3 being able to choose between a male or female character, that, to further increase the content and perhaps be able to have lesbian porn

4 maybe it depends on the situation or as an action, make the mons fuck or be able to see them fuck each other, both between different mons and between their male and female variants, either as an action or it could be done by leaving them for a long time and then seeing how do they do that

Well I think I have nothing more to say, they are just ideas or suggestions that I leave for the game and that it improves and well see you later and good luck with the game thanks



Is there no insertion scene for Lucario?

well it exists in the all animation zip file but that scene is probably what they meant when they say "temporarily disabled a scene for one of the 'Mons"


Discord link is no longer works, any chances it'll be available again?


I love this game. I wish that the next upate would come out. Wonder what happened to pawpunch

this is my favorite

Hi guys, how can I get a female Cinderace?


Just cook food and you will eventually get one

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The game is nice, i enjoy the way the creator has been thinking!

But, it lacks content!

First of all, it needs more characters, but quality over quantity!

Then new sexacts would be very welcome!
For example:

The choise to bang all holes at the characters!

The choise to:
Suck dick
Lick pussy
And lick the butthole of both genitals!

If the things i´ve mentioned get fulfilled, the game will be good at the end!


i dont like pokemon anymore :(


To the people saying it's dead: It isn't nor is it abandoned. It's just taking a little longer than anticipated cuz life happens but on the discord channel the team is still working on the final piece of it

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That's good to know, I just wish that those of us without access to discord could be told what's going on, maybe not to the extent of something like LD+ but just something we can see on here. it doesn't NEED to happen as there are people in the discord who can say like you have, but still even just a, "we're still working on it still, just delayed" would work.

However, if that keeps them from working on it or drags them away from their lives, then perhaps it would be better it stays like it is. it is called work life balance after all.

Can you please post the discord link? 


I meant the invite link, thanks regardless. 


Are you still in the discord and can i have link?


You didnt read the full comment on discord did you? They are releasing version 2.0 but will not be continuing updates after it is.


It's sad to see that this game is dead. Anyone know why? Just curious.

maybe copy right

ah that makes sense, now that I think about it

Show post...

No updates and the developers are radio silent on the game,

It's dead Jim

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nah the game developement is just taking longer then expected


Can you put Rillaboom Male in the next update? 💚🍃

Deleted 127 days ago


there should be a way to get rid of pokemon as well as a way to tell the male and female variants apart in the camp (for example you can hover over their sprites to ee their gender or something idk)

Ad a water type pokemon

When update?


Hello Hello hello!

I love your game, it also makes me more of a fan of pokemon 7w7 jzjz

Well I came to the web to suggest adding a new pokemon like Rockruff and/or Midnight Lycanroc

Still I'm a few cracks! :D



will you be adding more pokemon? and if so can you add vulpix and ninetales please?


Odd, their Discord link doesn't work. Any reason, or is it just an old link?


Society needs more like this


it hangs on the loading screen what do i do


Exit out open it again and it should say continue 


I can’t see one of the scenes wha do I do

Its supposed to be like that


Also can you add pokemon like gardivor and garchomp just to add in some more variety


The game likes to bug out and have the mons despawn after one action on the version 2.0 please fix this and thank you


uncoming update ? this game is awseome 


it would be sexy if the male pokemon would also cum, maybe they could cum all over themselves :3


really fun game, really hot game, love the male scenes and can't wait to be able to see even more


Fuck yeeh


will there be a bottom animation?


pplithe game is dead


can you make a version where the player is a girl? I think i'd be fun with a male and female yk




Girls don't have pp so how are you gonna breed your pokemons?

Also this game is dead.


can you ad more mon


any news?


its dead jim


does it not load for others as well?

Will you also do a Android version? The web version looks promising

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This game looks great, I hope for new updates with more 'Mons, berries or new actions.

Bugs in the android version:

- After a short-medium game session, the music stops and after finishing an action it goes out to the camp.

- When you finish collecting berries, the 'Mons disappear.


I can't get past the loading screen.


when will you post the game again

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