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Does anyone know how to get the Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix? I've tried every combination I can think of, but can't get it. It's in the video files, so...


its in the 2.0 version of the game, click the link under the "development log" thing

Any tips on how to play on Android?


To everyone that does not follow/has not checked their Twitter, Pawpunch has stated that the final version of PC will be released in late september. 




Thanks for that, I refuse to touch Twitter lol. I wish Pawpunch would be more vocal here.


Does "the final version of PC" imply that there is another version that will get more updates?


Sorry by PC I meant Pocket Campfire so no, maybe some random dev in the future will continue with the idea.

update? :(


The finished final version will be out late september


I would very much like to have Zeraora or Zoroark



The mobile phone experiment board needs to be improved


1.The text speed needs to be adjusted  


2.Planting a tree country game requires an option to open on its own.


3.When the phone reverses the screen the game also flips as the screen flips.


4.Need to have relevant pokemon Menu guide.



ありがとう 。




Really nice game, looks promising


Nice game,I love that

hey I just wanted to let you guys know that I found a bug. When you rapid click/tap a option for some reason it refreshes the page and its blank and then you have to refresh the page a second time and you lose all your progress. It’s annoying and then thought I would let you know about it. Also I noticed this on my iPad and iPhone and I’m not sure but It might also happen on a computer but I’m not sure.


When working on the update or future updates (hopefully version 2 is out and fixed soon) can there be either a blowjob/eating out for the male/female Pokemon? It's hot to get sucked off by them but it'd also be hot if we could eat them out or suck them off as well. Just a suggestion I know you all are working hard just to give us this product

I can play on android?

where is the 2.0? i can't beat my meat anymore :c

The finished final version will be out late september

Is it possible to download this Can't open the file

the game isn't loading with me what should i do?

I had to refresh the page 3 times before the game would play.

can you make the real game able to be download on pc

Okay anyone answer me, what are all the pokemon you can get on the tab version (not download version). pls


the downloaded version won't load

can you PawPunch,put eevee or zeraora?


yes i think now,eevee is good to put in the game

Please update soon


Can u make for Android


When I try to load into the game the screen is black

And I've tried to refresh the page yet the same result


is the game shelved? was in abandoned?

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Could you make it for Android or at least, portable and Offline? If not, that's okay,  just asking because I use my phone.


Can we get legendary pokemon like mew.


For anybody whose loading bar gets stuck, just refresh the page.

why won't the game finish loading when i launch it

for some reason i cant cook stuff so i cant really play, got any tips to help me be able to play?

If you're playing V2, you have to drag and drop the ingredients, I didn't realize this at first, and didn't think it was working.


What other pokemon do you have in mind for this game? 
I would love to see Mawile (Grepa Berry) or Alcremie (Colbur Berry)


Will it be on anriod soon?


i got the itch io app on pc and i tried to run this game on it it wouldn't bother to load would you mind trying to fix that please


why don't you download it then, but if you do just extract the files and play it. ez


when we have the next update


i don't understand why but i can get to the loading screen and it will load abought a third and stop permanently


anyone know how I can download version 1.0??? Or can I only play in the browser???

you can only download 2.0

1.0 is browser only


i love the game but more mons please like gardivwer and zarina


same its a great game, but recently for some reason it hasn't been loading. is there some way to fix it?


I'd love to play really i would but everytime I open the game it never fully loads. If this is a bug can I fix it? and if so how?

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New player here, is there a save function, or do you have to restart every time? Also, is there a recipe guide, or some indicator as to which Mons are male or female? If not, there should be.

There is a safe feature and they have a symbol next to names for gender


How do I install it on Android

you can't

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